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Seriously, this was merely an excuse to publicly profess my love for one Matt Bomer.

S3E13 Checkmate White Collar

Honestly, this jerk is making it hard for me to concentrate on plot.

(His suit is pretty awesome too, that makes this post fit, right?)


Bill Maher in Season 6’s infamous wardrobe malfunction episode…

I think the best part about this is the stage full of pelvic thrusts that will go un-fined by NBC.

Can someone tell me what is going on with this lopsided mess on this pretty ladies’ head?

Body of Proof S3E12 Sympathy for the Devil


S2E2 Murder She Wrote Joshua Peabody Died Here… Possibly

I think the dog is bringing it more though. She’s smizing for her life.

S2E8 Dead Heat Murder, She Wrote

This character’s name is Cookie Milford, and I like that.

(I also like the enormous rise on his pants)

S3E1 & S3E2 (To Be Continued!) Death Stalks the Big Top Murder She Wrote

I’m calling it now. In the next five years fashion is going to make women wear these hilariously high cut sweet-as-cherry-pie-california-girls bathing suits again.

S3E8 Magnum on Ice, P II Murder She Wrote

Who wears short shorts? Tom Selleck wears short shorts!

Glamour! Neck eating mink trim!

S3E12 The Corpse Flew First Class Murder She Wrote

Multiple fur collars! Eleganza Extravaganza! 

*Dedicated to Jessie Lewis. Who must wear this outfit, hopefully to her Dynasty themed wedding.

Crimes of Fashion, 2004

That’s right! That hair was made for public consumption in 2004. But that isn’t even the best part. No no. The above isn’t the crime of fashion, although it should have been the poster. The plot for this movie, and I am not making this up, is:

Brooke, a plain but creative and hard-working student at the top fashion school in the nation, who has come a long way from her tough childhood spent going from one foster home to another as an orphan. She has always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, and is thrilled to finally be on her way. But, when the grandfather she never knew about passes away, her life is suddenly turned upside down. Not only has he left her his estate, but he’s left her in charge of the family business, as mob boss to one of the top crime syndicates in New York City.

I obviously had to watch the entire movie.

These women, according to ABC Family, will be deciding what people will be wearing in 2005.

This man, in the shiny metallic lip gloss, is a womanizer.

And this is Megan Fox. Yeah, she’s in this movie.